Paper with long- standing experience and passion
Our paper factory opened in 1911 on the site of an old pulp mill. After our reopening in 1997, our focus immediately turned to recycled paper production. Our benchmark was and has always been to meet our clients' exacting quality standards. In our efforts to rise to that challenge, we have invested roughly 50 million euro in state-of-the-art production facilities since than. Further
We are going to go to Doxnet  Baden Baden this year again. The Document  X-perts Network from June 19nd to 21th is a very good possibility to meet partners and friends. We are very proud to present our Schönfelder Product range and we are looking forward to have interesting discissions with our customers and potential new partners.
Jobs & Career
We are a medium-sized, family-operated company with approximately 100 employees. Our strengths are clearly built on the dedication and skills that each employee brings to the team. Our location anchors us in the local community; our customers connect us to the world. Further